Breakfast at Tiffany's Midi Dress-Style Tips

Perfect Dress For Any Occasion 

Ever look through your closet looking for an outfit that is not too dressy or too casual, a perfect balance? Well, The Breakfast at Tiffany's Midi Dress is just that! The Perfect Dress! 

Look 1:

You can literally elevate your look by pairing this day dress with cute heels (lighter pastel colors), and pearl accessories for a sophisticated look. Add sporty or casual shoes like a White pair of low rise Chuck Taylor (Converse), Satin type bomber jacket (just to the hips), and a sporty watch for a real casual vibe.

Look 2:

Brunch with besties: pair this day dress with slippers with a bow on front, layer bracelet and necklaces with charms, (Tiffany and Co. Pleasure return to love collection), for a demure feminine look. 

Hair Vibes

Look 1:

Put hair in sleek chignon-hair pulled into a bun, use your fave product to keep flyaways in check.

Look 2:

Messy up do bun- have fly always at the nape of your neck, few strands out on the side of your face too. That just before a shower bun😉

AC xo

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